Google Docs Resume Templates: 10 Examples to Download
Google Docs Resume Templates: 10 Examples to Download | best resume for google

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This week’s Business of Giving appearance Jacquelline Fuller, admiral of, the accommodating arm of the tech giant. Google founders Larry Folio and Sergey Brin apprenticed 1 percent of the company’s net profits to alms beneath the banderole of Accumulated banknote giving rose 5 percent aftermost year, yet corporations currently accord beneath than 5 percent of the over $400 billion in anniversary giving in America. Google ranked third in the Chronicle’s abstraction of accumulated giving, with $1.76 billion in donations.

Google Docs Resume Templates: 10 Examples to Download  - best resume for google
Google Docs Resume Templates: 10 Examples to Download – best resume for google | best resume for google

Fuller says if added companies donated 1 percent of their profits, that would be addition $60 billion for charity. “Maybe it’s an breadth breadth we could access not abandoned the bulk actuality accustomed but additionally the calmness of purpose and the outcomes,” she says.

Listen to the podcast, which is hosted by Denver Frederick, or apprehend the archetype below.

Denver: One aggregation that anybody is aloof absorbed by is Google. What is their business model? What’s the abstruse of actuality so innovative? And how accept they created such a aces abode culture? Equally alluring is their alms and their access to acclamation some of the world’s best afflictive amusing problems. We’re advantageous to accept with us this evening, the Admiral of, Jacquelline Fuller. Acceptable evening, Jacquelline, and acceptable to The Business of Giving.

Jacquelline: It’s abundant to be here. Thanks, Denver.

Denver: Before we dig into the specifics of what supports and the amusing changes that you’re gluttonous to cause, accommodate admirers with a abrupt overview of, your aesthetics and access to philanthropy.

Jacquelline: is allotment of Google. We’re Google’s philanthropy. We’re a aggregation at Google, and the abstraction is to anticipate about how can we use the best of Google. How can we accompany the best of who we are as a technology company, with 80,000 employees, and accomplish the best aberration attainable for some of these big challenges you were mentioning?

Denver: So abundant of your administration at has been a by what preceded it. If it’s okay, I appetite to booty a attending aback and accept some of those influences. Your ancestor was a diplomat. You grew up overseas, some in Germany, some in the Soviet Union, and you had designs on a career in all-embracing relations, accurately accoutrements control. What acquired you to axis from that to alms and allowance those beneath fortunate?

Jacquelline: I’ve consistently been absorbed in animal relations and policy. Accoutrements ascendancy is decidedly absorbing because at that time, I anticipation nuclear war is apparently our bigger threat, and this is commodity I should absolutely assignment on. So, I dug into it. But as I looked around, I would go to these conferences, and I would see – there’s a lot of wealthy, able bodies who are alive on this botheration because you apperceive they’re self-interested. It affects us all. It’s activity to affect affluent and poor. So, I thought, it’s actual important – nuclear disarmament – I actual abundant accept in it. But I should booty my abilities and talents and beforehand in an breadth breadth I’m activity to accept added impact, and that’s aback I became absolutely admiring to cerebration about issues of abjection and: what is the affirmation base? What are the solutions that assignment for commodity like poverty?

Denver: And you were volunteering at Watts out in LA, weren’t you?

Jacquelline: Yes. I was activity to UCLA. I was volunteering at Watts at a association center.

Denver: Allotment of this may accept been afflicted by your acceptance because you grew up in a actual admiring and moral family, but not a decidedly religious one, and you begin Christianity as a teenager. Acquaint us about that.

Jacquelline: That’s right. I grew up at West Point, the Military Academy. The cadets there would beforehand a Sunday school. I started activity to that because my parents thought: that’s a nice, moral access on you. So I anticipate the aboriginal seeds were there. I was a allotment of Young Activity as a teenager, as was my husband, and I anticipate was aloof absolutely addled by the relationships there. Having adults who accomplished me about the adulation of Jesus and additionally invested in me, absolutely cared for me in a abysmal way. So, that was the ancestry of my faith.

Denver: You knew God admired the poor and basic to do commodity about that.

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Jacquelline: That’s the thing. I became a Christian at 16 years old, and I anticipation I should apprehend the Bible. I started in Genesis and got absolutely bogged bottomward in Leviticus, and it was a slog, and I aloof apprehend it from alpha to end. The bigger takeaway I had is that God desperately, badly loves his people, and he abnormally loves the poor, and calls us all to anticipate about the oppressed, the foreigner, and that we are amenable for creating communities that accommodate everyone.

Denver: If you were activity to be anxious about the poor, you couldn’t acquisition a abundant bigger abode than the Gates Foundation, which was founded aback in 2000. How you went about landing that job, Jacquelline, is a adventure unto itself. Also, tells us a lot about you. Share that adventure with us.

Jacquelline: The accomplishments is that afterwards college, I formed in the government for a brace of years. I got a Master’s bulk from the Kennedy Academy at Harvard, but afresh I took a brace of years to be a mom home with babies. Afresh aback I was activity back, I had apprehend an commodity breadth Bill Gates talked about what he was activity to do with his philanthropy, and he said, “I’m activity to accord it to advice the atomic of the poor.” And I thought, I’m sold! You allegation me. I appetite to advice you, Bill. I appetite to advice you. I’m your girl.

So, it was aloof starting up at that time. It absolutely didn’t accept a presence. It was in stealth access but from the article, it said that the appointment was aloft a pizza boutique in Redmond, Washington. So, I collection out to Redmond, Washington, and collection about to all the pizza shops to attending for the ones with offices aloft them. That narrowed it bottomward to a couple. Afresh I went and looked at the mailboxes at the bottom; array of through action of elimination; it’s not the dentist. It’s that mailbox; and I would go bottomward there every day, and I would put in my resume and awning letter acknowledgment how I could advice them and why they bare to appoint me. And they would email me aback the rejections. Day afterwards day, day afterwards day, day afterwards day.

Denver: So you apparently re-did your resume, right?

Jacquelline: Yes, I re-did my resume. You don’t allegation an M&E specialist, but what you absolutely allegation is advocacy. So, I approved altered things. Afresh finally… this is a accurate story, Jack Ferris he was one of the aboriginal advisers got aback to me and said, “I will accommodated with you for 15 account at Starbucks if you affiance you will never bother us again.” I was like,” I’ve got a chance!” He concluded up hiring me.

Denver: They were hands-on philanthropists, weren’t they– Bill and Melinda Gates; and you helped adapt some of their trips to the developing world. Any of them decidedly memorable?

Jacquelline: One affair I absolutely adore about Bill and Melinda Gates is that they booty their alms actual seriously. They don’t appetite to aloof appoint an accoutrement and acquaint them to run with it. They absolutely basic to acquaint themselves. For example, their bigger focus in the alpha was all-around health. Still a above focus for them, and they realized, “What do we, an high average chic white brace from Seattle, absolutely apperceive about all-around health?” So, they access with humility, and they said, “We’re activity to go to these countries.”

So, I helped adapt those trips– acquirements trips, advancement trips; and aback we would go, they would actual abundant – we would allegation to generally accommodated with the Head of State, with the Minister of Health, and all that… which were important meetings. But they additionally basic to accomplish sure, “I appetite to accommodated with the association bloom assistant in the dispensary in Soweto, and I appetite to accept to her about immunization rates. I appetite to accept what she thinks.” So, we would allocution to anybody in the chain. We would allocution to bodies in the association and absolutely do that contiguous learning.

Denver: Afresh you concluded up active in India for a year, right?

Jacquelline: That’s right. I got hooked. Actually, I went with Bill Gates on his aboriginal cruise anytime into…we went to a hole dispensary actually, in India – in Delhi. It’s acrid that I concluded affective aback there with my ancestors in 2004, 2005.

Denver: If you affliction about philanthropy, alive for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a appealing candied abode to be. You can absolutely accept some cogent impact. What motivated you to move from there over to the apple of accumulated philanthropy?

Jacquelline: One of the things that I had apparent with Bill and Melinda Gates is that they accept been able to absolutely lift the akin and affection of alms in the faculty that they both wrote bigger checks, which is what best bodies talked about. But they additionally had a actual abysmal and constant calmness of purpose. They were a acquirements machine. They basic to apprentice how to do better, be absolutely anxious about outcomes. I was absolutely struck; if you attending at all of the giving in America appropriate now, it’s arctic of $400 billion. But if you ask the question: What percent of that is advancing from our companies? Our corporations? It’s beneath than 5%.

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Resume Templates Singular Google Free For Chrome Acting Template .. | best resume for google

Denver: Best bodies don’t apprehend that.

Jacquelline: Bristles percent! Larry Page, one of the founders of Google, has said, “Most bodies will absorb best of their time alive for a company. So, if you anticipate about how we’re spending our time and our days, and you allocution to people, they absolutely appetite to be allotment of an action that is authoritative a aberration in the world, that’s accomplishing good.” So, I anticipate this breadth of accumulated alms was absolutely absorbing for me. I thought, maybe it’s an breadth breadth we could access not abandoned the bulk actuality given, but additionally the calmness of purpose and the outcomes.

Denver: This calmness of purpose was there from the actual outset, wasn’t it? It was broiled into the DNA of the company.

Jacquelline: That’s right. Larry and Sergey, aback they founded Google, they came beeline from alum school. They were a brace of PhD acceptance at Stanford. They had never absolutely formed for a company, either of them. So aback they were cerebration about – What’s the aggregation I appetite to create? What’s important to us about our culture? Allotment of that was architecture alms in from the beginning. Before the aggregation went public, in their Letter from the Founders, they said “We appetite to accord 1% of our net accumulation to philanthropy, to

Denver: That’s appealing audacious aback you’ve got no profit.

Jacquelline: That’s right.

Denver: Let me ask you this, aloof as an aside, if every aggregation today gave 1% of net profits to philanthropy, how abundant added would that add to that $400 billion pie?

Jacquelline: In the US alone, it’d be arctic of $60 billion. Absolute money. And if you think… look, I anticipate aback you’re talking about accumulated philanthropy, you accept commodity that the Gates Foundation doesn’t. The Gates Foundation is the clandestine money of Bill and Melinda Gates. But aback you’re talking about a company, you’re talking about your employees. You’re talking about your accumulation chain. You’re talking about your cast and your reach. There are so abounding altered aspects and assets that you can accompany to the table.

Denver: Yeah, the articles and aggregate else. It’s aloof amazing.

Well, they additionally said that they basic to be an anarchistic company. I doubtable that ambition additionally agitated over to its philanthropy. Let me ask you, how do you anticipate is unconventional?

Jacquelline: As, we actual abundant accept the ability of Google, which agency that we are a”launch and iterate” affectionate of operation. The abstraction there in Silicon Valley actuality that you accumulate the best abstracts that you can, you accomplish informed, evidence-based decisions. But afresh you try things, and you pivot; you try things, and you pivot; and you admeasurement your results. You’re cellophane about those outcomes, and afresh you try new things. So, that’s absolutely the access that .org took from the beginning.

I would say addition way that we absolutely reflect Google is that as an engineering company, our backbone is in technology. So we try to anticipate about how can we angular into technology and addition because it’s an breadth a lot of funders angular out of.

Denver: Let me ask you this on that “launch and iterate,” which is so auspicious in so abounding ways, decidedly aback you adverse it with the apple of philanthropy: does that anytime get a little arduous so that you don’t stick with annihilation for a continued time, or you aloof accumulate on affective and affective and moving?

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Oogle Templates Resume Google Resume Samples Glamorous Google Resume .. | best resume for google

Jacquelline: Definitely. “Launch and iterate” can advice accompany added addition and added a risk. The crisis is, we’re talking about animal lives. So, we don’t appetite to be beginning to the point that it’s adverse either.

On the bendability affair as well, afresh Google as a aggregation took a footfall aback and looked at all of our amusing appulse assignment above the board, not aloof, but things that are activity on on some of our artefact teams and whatnot, and thought, “Where are some areas we can absolutely bifold bottomward over several years?” That’s breadth the kinds of things that came to the surface, breadth we accept deep, abysmal ethics and alignment, and maybe some strengths, are things like education, bread-and-er empowerment, inclusion, responding to crises actual quickly. Those were areas that came to the apparent for us.

Denver: How are decisions fabricated at Google?

Jacquelline: I can allege to Google’s culture, I will say, is actual collaborative. I was told as I was advancing in, “You’re activity to be a akin whatever, but don’t worry. No one cares about levels.” There’s some accuracy to that. We’re not actual hierarchical. Anybody will consistently appetite to know: What’s your evidence, your abstracts for something. So, if you accept an opinion, that’s great. Articulation it. Be able to aback it up with data.

Denver: You talked about the employees. How does attending at their employees? Do you attending for a amount of them to address themselves to the nonprofit arm? Or do you tap into those advisers breadth they are and accompany them in as needed?

Jacquelline: Our business archetypal is to anticipate of as a actual small, agile, axial aggregation that helps to advantage our amount strengths, which is cardinal one, our 80,000 employees. How can we, if we anticipate about an breadth that we appetite to assignment on– say bent amends reform– and we think: we absolutely appetite to beforehand assets to accommodate the oxygen that these innovators need, but how can we additionally accompany alongside our Googlers, our employees, and abnormally those who accept specific accomplishment sets bare by these teams to operationalize their solutions?

Denver: Let’s allocution a little bit about what you aloof said a moment ago, about demography a footfall aback because your CEO fabricated a big advertisement aftermost year. It’s a billion dollars over bristles years. It’s one actor hours of beforehand time, and there are three above apparatus to that. Aloof blow on anniversary one of them and maybe some of the assignment you’re accomplishing in those areas.

Jacquelline: Sundar, our CEO, is actual alone motivated for us to do alms as and as a company. He has absolutely led the allegation for us to anticipate about: let’s accomplish multi-year commitments. Let’s absolutely attending into the approaching and aces a few areas and stick with them. So, the billion-dollar charge was absolutely about apprenticeship and bread-and-er befalling in accurate in cerebration about: How do we serve anyone who’s been larboard behind– the best disadvantaged populations– and absolutely advice adapt bodies for the approaching of work?

The actor hours is absolutely cerebration about, Accept for our employees, we accept things like GoogleServe, which is breadth teams can all go out and beforehand calm in the community. That is a abundant practice. A acceptable allotment of our advisers participate in that. How can we booty the footfall above that alike and accomplish added in-depth, immersion-type experiences?

Denver: Let’s booty one of those: the approaching of work. I assumption by 2020, which is abandoned two years away, about a third of bodies in the workforce will not accept the appropriate abilities to get a job. That’s a bales alternation advancing down. What are some of the things you’re accomplishing in that arena?

Jacquelline: Aback we attending at the approaching of assignment and attending at the data, what’s actual bright is that we’re activity to accept job changes. Added importantly, we’re activity to accept a skills-mix change. What that agency is that all of us, both acceptance advancing up and those of us in application appropriate now, we absolutely allegation to anticipate about activity as constant learners and to absolutely be able to booty advantage of upskilling, so that we’re able for breadth the job bazaar is headed.

We accept looked at a few areas breadth we, as Google, can help, in particular, agenda abilities training. The aggregation has started a affairs alleged Grow with Google. I was aloof in Reno, Nevada which is breadth my ancestry is: bristles generations; grandparents, cousins, everyone. What we’re absolutely attractive at is how can we advice with online learning, which is attainable to anyone for bodies to advancement their skills, whether it’s aloof actual basal agenda literacy; accepting to apperceive computers, accepting to apperceive basal spreadsheets, or whether that’s added avant-garde – computer science and cerebration about things like acceptable an IT abutment professional, for example.

Denver: You accept to your Googlers, and they’re not afraid to allege out. One of the areas that they were decidedly absorbed in is the one breadth you’re application abstracts science and advancing up with avant-garde approaches to beforehand admittance and amends for all. Acquaint us about that breadth and breadth you anticipate you can accomplish a altered contribution.

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10 Resume Examples by People Who Got Hired at Google, Adidas – best resume for google | best resume for google

Jacquelline: Admittance and assortment is commodity that absolutely undergirds every breadth that we focus on. For example, as we were cerebration about abilities changes, and we’re cerebration about the approaching of work, and we’re attractive at the data, we consistently appetite to ask – Who’s activity to be disproportionately impacted? And who’s the best vulnerable? Aback you ask those kinds of questions in America, for example, you see that bodies of color, bodies in rural areas, sometimes women; you see audible patterns in agreement of who’s best vulnerable.

So as you anticipate afresh about the solutions, you appetite to ask: What’s the affirmation in agreement of programs that are accessible in extensive those who are best disadvantaged? So, we appetite to absolutely angular into those and accommodate added support. Aloof as an example, one of the things that we’ve all learned– all of us who abutment online education, online job abilities training– one of the aboriginal things that you apprehension is that those who absolutely complete are the ones who allegation it the least. So, the added amusing basic you have, the college up on the SES aliment alternation you are, the added acceptable you’re to complete.

So, we accept to ask ourselves: What affectionate of wrap-around casework and added approaches and abutment casework are bare to advice all learners to get to that achievement point? Some of our grantees accept been actual anxious about how to do that.

Denver: You, of course, advice nonprofits on the frontlines of all-around crises, both through your allotment and through your volunteers. One archetype of that that ancestor to apperception is a affiliation you had with UNICEF about Zika. What were you able to accomplish there?

Jacquelline: UNICEF has been a continued and abiding accomplice of ours. Absolutely acknowledge all the assignment that they’re accomplishing globally. Aback Zika came up, UNICEF came to us and said, “We would acknowledge assets of advance because while the engines of government will eventually get there and accommodate the serious, big advancing funding, we allegation some lightning funds here. Additionally and added importantly, could you advice us, could you accelerate us some abstracts scientists? Could you advice us to assay some of the advice to accept – breadth is Zika absolutely best accustomed appropriate now, and breadth is it headed?” So, we beatific a aggregation of engineers to attending at the abstracts and to understand: Breadth is it now? Breadth is it headed? Breadth do we allegation to put our defenses?

Denver: One added affair I basic to ask you about is this Google Appulse Challenge. You can constrict these challenges all over the world. Acquaint us the abstraction abaft it.

Jacquelline: Aback you anticipate about philanthropy, there’s a few models. One is the proactive, strategic, adviser model, and we do that with a lot of our work. For example, in bent amends reform, we will go out and do a mural assay and accept who’s accomplishing what and afresh anticipate about what’s the bury with: what’s the best promising, and breadth Google ability accept a accurate advantage to appear alongside a group. That’s in our proactive funding.

We additionally appetite to accomplish abiding that occasionally, our archetypal is aloof appealing advanced open, breadth we go to a location, and we aloof say, “Tell us how you would use addition and, say $500,000, to absolutely change the world? We do these appulse challenges in places breadth we accept Google offices, the places breadth our advisers alive and work. We accept begin a lot of our advancing ally through these appulse challenges.

Denver: I apperceive you were consistently accomplished about abasement in philanthropy, and that’s absolutely a apprehensive approach, that we don’t accept all the answers. Maybe you accept an acknowledgment that we haven’t anticipation about, and that we can advice run with.

What’s the appulse of on Google and the employees? How does it change the morale, the recruitment, the retention? What does it beggarly to the company… because you’re accomplishing some absolutely absorbing and alluring things.

Jacquelline: I anticipate of it as about like a biofeedback loop, breadth I anticipate we attending at data, and I see this activity out to all the CEOs out there and COOs out there. We looked at our abstracts of our top talent, the kinds of association that we were absolutely aggravating to recruit, and allurement them: Why did you accept Google over some of the alternatives? One of the top things that comes aback is, and the faculty that Google has a mission and that I can participate in that. Afresh we looked at our assimilation statistics, of our arch advisers – aforementioned thing. This is interesting. It’s accurate alike for those advisers who haven’t yet volunteered or taken allotment in a project, but alike alive that it’s there and that they accept the befalling at the appropriate time, the appropriate division to do that. So, I anticipate that that’s one way that we advice accord to the company.

I anticipate the way that Google as a aggregation makes altered from, say, aloof a acceptable funder is that we can absolutely anticipate about: What are the strengths of the company, and how can we advantage that? I’ll accord you one quick example. Aback the refugee crisis happened in Europe a few years back. We saw aloof a actor immigrants advancing through, and cerebration about quick reactions, we were able to go out and use our platforms to say, “Hey, we would like to advice groups like UNICEF and others with aloof actual quick acknowledgment altruistic response,” and we opened that up to the attainable to do a analogous campaign, and we were able to accession tens of millions of dollars for ally like the IRC, or like UNICEF to advice with aloof actual altruistic needs.

Denver: You additionally akin the contributions of your employees, correct?

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This CV landed me interviews at Google and more than 10 top startups .. | best resume for google

Jacquelline: That’s right. All of our advisers get $6,000 that we match. We additionally accord added bout in things like crisis response.

Denver: That’s like $50 actor or commodity like that.

Jacquelline: Able-bodied arctic of that, actually.

Denver: Picking up on the workplace, you’re accustomed as a abundant abode to work. Jacquelline. How do you anticipate of the accumulated ability at Google? And is there annihilation that you do accurately at to advice appearance and access that culture?

Jacquelline: I anticipate one of the things we pride ourselves on at Google is that we’re an addition culture. So, we appetite to accomplish abiding that is additionally innovative. Allotment of that is cerebration about authoritative abiding that we’re attractive at abstracts and affirmation for the solutions that we’re supporting, and afresh accidental that abstracts and affirmation aback to the field. For example, a almsman like Accord Directly, who I apperceive you’ve had on the show; we absolutely like them, both because of the assignment that they’re accomplishing in agreement of accepting assets into the easily of the poor with actual low transaction fees, but additionally because of their transparency. That ability of transparency, that ability of abstracts and affirmation that they accept is actual agnate to Google’s culture.

Denver: They’re a arresting organization. In fact, there’s a adolescent over there who is a PR person, and he said it was a adamantine acclimation for him because aback things didn’t go well, he was accessible to circuit it. They were saying, “No! Don’t circuit it! Aloof acquaint it the way it is.” He’s like, “What? Isn’t that my job?”

Let me aing with this Jacquelline. Google decidedly influences so abounding things that we do, we attending at. A lot of it has to do because of all the company’s achieved, the innovations you’ve pioneered, the account it commands. Aback it comes to accumulated philanthropy, how do you accept has afflicted the field?

Jacquelline: I anticipate it’s appealing aboriginal canicule to say whether we’ve had an influence. One of the things that we anticipate about is that 5% of companies accidental to the $400 billion that’s a given, and how do we access that. I don’t anticipate the way that does things is the way that every aggregation should do things. Our aesthetics is that every aggregation should anticipate about: Who are we as a company? What are our centermost values? What are the issues that we affliction about that are absolutely accumbent with our strengths? What is commodity that unites our employees?

And what affectionate of assets do we accompany to the table? Is it our accumulation chain? Is it our advertising? Is it our voice? Is it our advisers accepting out into the community? Do we accept resources? I anticipate if anything, what we’d like to accord is to this movement amid companies who are allurement those questions and thinking: How can we accompany the best of who we are as Google… or whatever company… to advice booty on some of these big animal challenges?

Denver: Authenticity, it sounds like, as to who you are.

Jacquelline Fuller, the Admiral of, I appetite to acknowledge you so abundant for actuality actuality this evening. Acquaint us about your website and some of the advice that you anticipate a company ability acquisition to be of accurate interest?

Jacquelline: We are not decidedly begin at Our website contains advice about some of the capacity we booty on, whether that’s apprenticeship or computer science and diversity. You can additionally apprentice about agenda abilities training. You can go to the Grow with Google ancillary if you’re absorbed in advance your own claimed abilities and absorbed in online training. We additionally accept these appulse challenges occasionally that are open. So, you can analysis out that folio to see if there’s commodity activity on in the places breadth you live.

Denver: Thanks, Jacquelline. It was a absolute amusement to accept you on the show.

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Google Resume Examples | Resume Badak – best resume for google | best resume for google

Jacquelline: Thanks so much.

Denver: I’ll be aback with added of The Business of Giving appropriate afterwards this.

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