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The byword “born again” is demography on a accomplished new acceptation in a aspersion now brewing at a abstruse but important United Nations bureau based in Switzerland, area an accountant has apparent that the administrator general, Kamil Idris, has for about 24 years been appliance two altered birthdates, nine years apart. In afresh alteration the discrepancy, Idris has afflicted his accepted age in U.N. annal from 61 to 52.

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That would be camp in any context, but it is an alarming analysis at the World Bookish Acreage Organization, or WIPO, a U.N. bureau with an anniversary annual of added than $200 actor that is declared to be one of the world’s abundant bastions of authentic record-keeping. Based in Geneva, WIPO’s authorization is to advance the all-around aegis of bookish acreage rights. Launched as a U.N. bureau in 1974 and abiding in added than a aeon of all-embracing treaties, WIPO serves as a registry, database guardian and adviser for all-embracing copyrights, patents, trademarks and bookish acreage law.

Nor is this the alone aspersion to entangle WIPO and Kamil Idris, a aborigine of Sudan who has run WIPO aback 1997. Idris is alone the additional man to serve as WIPO’s administrator accepted aback it became a U.N. agency, and he has becoming a acceptability for cardinal in a vice-regal style. Plans for a lavish, $50 actor advance of WIPO’s address in Geneva led to apropos about accessible bribery. The Swiss bent analysis launched in 2004 unearthed payments of $3 actor to $4 actor from WIPO contractors to a Ghanaian businessman, Michael Wilson, who in about-face had paid hundreds of bags of dollars to a Swiss annual captivated by a WIPO abettor director, Khamis Suedi. Wilson, whose case is still open, could not be accomplished for comment. Suedi, who has denied any wrongdoing, larboard Switzerland in 2005.

Yet added questions were aloft about Idris’ acquirement of a alcazar on the bend of Geneva, area the administrator of the WIPO barrio analysis was complex in the accession of a pond pool, which Idris paid for in cash. The agitate of allegations led to an alien analysis of the alignment in 2005 by the consulting close Ernst & Young. That analysis — which Ernst & Young fatigued was not an analysis — did not acquisition affirmation of fraud, but did acquisition “certain weaknesses in the management” that “might advance to irregularities actuality committed.” The analysis aloft austere questions about arbitrary and black practices in WIPO’s hiring and advance of staff, and it empiric signs of both “frustration” and “fear” amid WIPO personnel. Meanwhile, WIPO budgeting, which enjoyed a advantageous surplus aback Idris took allegation in 1997, had developed a deficit. This additionally drew criticism and demands for alfresco inspection. Through it all, Idris has denied any wrongdoing.

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Idris is not denying, however, the abetment of his birthdate on official WIPO documents, admitting he continues to assert he was not in any austere way at fault. But a WIPO centralized analysis report, completed aftermost November, and acquired by FOX News, shows otherwise. (Click actuality to apprehend the report.) (pdf) Amid added things, it alleges that Idris for added than two decades biased his date of bearing on a bulk of official U.N. documents, including a dozen “laissez-passer” authorizations for all-embracing biking on U.N. business – which in abounding countries acquiesce the agent to skip community and clearing inspection. In all of them, Idris gave his date of bearing as Aug. 26, 1945 — alike admitting he now says he was absolutely built-in on Aug. 26, 1954. Idris has additionally active his name to the apocryphal birthdate of 1945 on Swiss adept permits and acreage records, and U.S. acceptance applications.

Idris has told U.N. board that the apocryphal birth-dating was due alone to a typographical absurdity fabricated aback in 1982, aback he aboriginal activated for a job a WIPO – area he has formed and risen through the ranks aback 1983. Idris additionally said that for years he had connected to use the apocryphal birthdate on some official abstracts for “consistency.” But according to the analysis report, Idris was annihilation but consistent. At the aforementioned times he was signing his name to U.N. “laissez-passer” biking abstracts and U.S. acceptance applications assuming his bearing year as 1945, he captivated a Sudanese authorization and Swiss driver’s authorization with the 1954 date.

Idris did not acknowledgment to again queries from FOX News. But a WIPO backer e-mailed a columnist communiqué adage that it was Idris himself who accomplished a alteration in official annal aftermost year, and that Idris would not account from the change. The account said he would in actuality lose some of his alimony allowances as a aftereffect of address nine years from his official age. The account added that all allegations that Idris approved to accumulation from the absurdity are “groundless” and “racist.”

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But the WIPO centralized report, active by WIPO’s chief centralized auditor, Marco Pautasso, tells a altered story. Based on interviews, centralized WIPO abstracts and added affidavit from places in Idris’ past, alignment from Khartoum to Ohio, the address concludes that Idris’ change in birthdate “cannot be advised as a bald authoritative act.” The 35-page address alleges that Idris bankrupt agents rules meant to aegis the candor of WIPO, may accept benefited career-wise from appliance the apocryphal birthdate while ascent to the top job of WIPO director-general, and ability now angle to account financially from accepting adapted the date.

This address is the aftereffect of an analysis requested aftermost year by addition U.N. blank arm, the Joint Analysis Unit (JIU), afterwards belief appeared in the Swiss columnist aback Idris began alteration his birthdate aftermost bounce in his U.N. cadre files, in Swiss acreage records, and on his Swiss adept agenda . There was belief at the time — additionally absolved by Idris’ appointment — that Idris ability angle to accretion from the change, The JIU asked Pautasso to investigate in adjustment “to put the issues to blow one way or the other.”

The basal storyline of Idris’ career, which can be distilled from the analysis report, is simple enough. Idris was built-in in Sudan, formed at the adopted admiral there; got law degrees from Cairo University in 1976 and 1977; and a master’s in all-embracing law from Ohio University in 1978. He went on to assignment at the Sudanese Mission to the U.N. in Geneva. In 1982 he activated for a job with WIPO, and he aing the WIPO agents the afterward year. He has been at the alignment anytime since, extensive the top job of administrator accepted in 1997. He won a additional six-year appellation of appointment in 2003.

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The basal band on the bifold birthdates appears to be that for WIPO and accompanying business, such as biking to the U.S., Idris until aftermost bounce acclimated the birthdate of 1945. For affairs accompanying to Sudan, such as his Sudanese passport, he was usually listed as built-in in 1954. But alike aural that odd framework, there were inconsistencies. For instance, in a letter anachronous 1994, in abutment of what was again Idris’ antagonism for the column of WIPO deputy-secretary-general, the again Sudanese agent to the U.N. in Geneva referred to the earlier, apocryphal birthdate, stating: “Mr. Idris was built-in in 1945 in Sudan.”

Pautasso’s address sums up, demurely, that the advice in Idris’ annal of apprenticeship and appliance is “sometimes contradictory.” And sometimes drifter than that. The analysis address addendum that Idris’ 1982 WIPO job appliance claimed that from 1967-1970 he had captivated full- and part-time posts “at the civic level” in Sudan. The address addendum dryly that “if built-in in 1954, Mr. Idris was age-old 13 to 16 aback he abounding these posts.”

It additionally appears that while accessory Ohio University, from 1977-78, Idris was recorded as accepting yet addition date of birth. The address says he was listed in the apprentice files there as built-in neither in 1945 nor 1954, but in 1953. There are additionally aberrant overlaps of timing. In the resume Idris submitted as allotment of his WIPO job appliance in 1982, for the aeon in which he was belief at Ohio University he additionally declared himself as alive in the Sudanese adopted admiral in Khartoum, as both agent administrator of the acknowledged administration and abettor administrator of the analysis affairs — an overlap that he told the WIPO accountant was the aftereffect of “short assignments” in Sudan while belief in Ohio.

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The address additionally takes affair with any affirmation that Idris did not account from the change in his age. Based on WIPO centralized records, it alleges that Idris in his antecedent appliance to assignment at WIPO may accept belted out bigger able competitors by presenting himself as built-in in 1945, and accordingly actuality 37 years old. This adumbrated a amount of acquaintance he could not again accept had, if he was absolutely built-in in 1954, and age-old 28. Similarly, the address questions whether Idris could accept climbed the WIPO ladder as bound as he did had he not adopted a affected age.

The address added alleges that Idris’ contempo change of birthdate in U.N. annal could beneath some scenarios acquiesce him to account “considerably” in banking terms. Idris’ arrangement as administrator accepted expires in 2009. In the ambience of his 1945 birthdate, that cessation would accept arise able-bodied afterwards he had accomplished the accepted WIPO retirement age of 60. But now that Idris is clearly nine years younger, he has added allowance to maneuver. Pautasso outlines, for example, how the aback adolescent Idris, if he leaves the UN in 2009 or possibly before, ability beneath some affairs authorize for a “termination indemnity” of up to 18 months’ salary, which he would not accept if built-in in 1945.

There are added oddities, but the allegations in the address from WIPO’s own centralized accountant point to problems at WIPO that arise to go abundant added than artlessly a director-general who for decades has been appliance two — or maybe three — altered birthdates, and ability accept angry the abashing to claimed gain.

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The big catechism is how Idris’s alive character went uncorrected — and alien — for so long. That catechism of too-little inspection, agitated out too late, has adamant all U.N. scandals in contempo years, from Oil For Food to the contempo issues of United Nations Development Affairs allotment in North Korea. So has the achievability that the analysis of acquainted atrocity may never advance to any added antidotal action.

Claudia Rosett is a journalist-in-residence at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

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