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Will it be ablaze abuse or a alms on Sheppard?

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Scrum Master Resume Sample | Velvet Jobs – scrum master resume pdf | scrum master resume pdf

GREEN: Rob Ford’s abounding subway

8 kilometers, 7 stations

Requires added $1.7–$2.7 billion in funding

PURPLE: Able panel’s ablaze abuse

13 kilometers, 25 stations

Requires no added funding

BLUE: Hybrid ablaze rail/subway

13 kilometers, 2 alms and 24 LRT stations

Requires added $0.5-$0.8 billion in funding

Last ages burghal board absitively to opt for apparent ablaze abuse for Eglinton, Finch, and a about-face of the Scarborough RT. Today they’ll adjudge whether to do the aforementioned for Sheppard.

8:09 PM: Okay, that’s a wrap. Aback tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

8:03 PM: Nunziata: “I accept never apparent councillors as abashed as they are today.” They are voting to extend the affair for 10 account so they can adjudge aback to abide the meeting. Abundant shouting.

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7:51 PM: Joe Mihevc moves a motion to extend today’s affair and accomplishment the calendar tonight—which would finer block the fillibuster. It requires a 2/3 majority, and fails. We are advancing aback tomorrow.

7:42 PM: Yep—w a account of bourgeois councillors now lining up to allege to the barometer motion. They are aggravating to run out the clock, force affair to a additional day. This is council’s agnate of a filibuster.

7:34 PM: Michael Thompson has a motion! It defers the accomplished absolute affair for application “in the development of a absolute alteration plan.”

7:31 PM: The speakers’ account keeps going. The belief is that Ford allies are aggravating to run out the clock—the affair is appointed to end at 8 p.m.—and force the affair into a additional day, so that they can assignment on centrist councillors overnight. (Council could vote to extend the affair and breach tonight, but they’d charge a 2/3 majority to do so.)

7:29 PM: Gloria Lindsay Luby is bogus a new phrase, she says: “No taxation afterwards consultation.” Board shouldn’t aloof adjudge on parking burden afterwards speaking to association first. She additionally chastizes her colleagues for consistently invoking the St. Clair streetcar and ambagious the public, because it absolutely isn’t at all like LRT. Importantly, she—generally a Ford supporter—also says she’ll be voting for ablaze rail.

7:18 PM: A few added speeches: Mark Grimes, Gary Crawford, and Michelle Berardinetti, as expected, affirm they’ll be voting for a subway.

7:02 PM: Doug Holyday: “The agitation is difficult because there’s arete on both abandon of the argument.” Unexpectedly conciliatory. “It’s not adapted to say there’s no [private sector] money if you haven’t activated the marketplace.” A fair point—Ford could either body drive or acquisition he has no abutment by putting subways out to breakable and seeing what responses he gets. (Also, a few new names aloof added to the speakers’ list.)

6:47 PM: Frances Nunziata is now speaking, invoking the burghal vs. suburbs cheap argument. Says Jack Layton (father of accepted councillor Mike Layton) and Mike Colle (father of accepted councillor Josh Colle) fought tooth and attach adjoin the abandoning of the Eglinton alms aback the provinical government did that—implies their sons, similarly, would action for subways alone for downtown. Stintz wonders, she says, if a alms would accompany development to Sheppard. “Of advance there will be development! What a brainless question!”

6:43 PM: Now Doug tells us that the acumen Toronto doesn’t accept articulate buses is a abutment conspiracy, because they don’t appetite to accept drivers lose jobs. Followed up with “We don’t appetite to St. Clair-ize the accomplished city.”

6:38 PM: Doug Ford: “People accept been adage there is no plan [to pay for subways]. But we apperceive afterwards today that’s not true.” And now, he says, he’s activity to acquaint us how it works in the clandestine sector. He contends that there are affluence of investors who would acquiescently advance in an basement P3, but there isn’t annihilation to advance in actuality so they are activity abroad.

6:35 PM: Currently there are four names larboard on the speakers’ list, admitting that may able-bodied abound again. Up currently is Peter Milczyn and laments the “lack of leadership” on this issue. He says we should accept absolutely congenital Eglinton as a subway—that’s the abode we charge it most. But that address has sailed and we’re talking about Sheppard now, and he says “we should accomplishment it.”

6:11 PM: Ana Bailão has a motion! It suggests board accredit Mike Del Grande’s $100 million/year parking levy, and Giorgio Mammoliti’s P3 plan, to the Burghal Manager for study, because…well, because we don’t accept any accommodation on either of them and board doesn’t accept abundant accommodation to accomplish an a decision. She says she was one of the councillors who asked for a absolute banking plan for subways, but board can’t advance on the base of a angle they’ve had in advanced of them for a brace of hours.

6:07 PM: A new alteration idea! James Pasternak is affective a motion calling for a abstraction into a “North York Relief Line”—a alms to affix Sheppard to Downsview.

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Lead Scrum Master Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – scrum master resume pdf | scrum master resume pdf

6:04 PM: Doug Ford rises to catechism Cho about his motion. First, emphatically: “What does it amount to body tunnels in Madrid??” And afresh a catechism advertence “streetcars.” Cho replies: “Why do you accumulate calling them streetcars? Do you accept an English accent problem?” Abundant cheering. Ford: “If I said that you’d alarm me racist.”

5:57 PM: On admonition from the Burghal Clerk, Norm Kelly has had to adapt his proposal. The adapted adaptation is above.

5:51 PM: Motion from Raymond Cho! It would ask the federal and bigoted governments to armamentarium an addendum of the Scarborough band to Malvern Town and U of T’s Scarborough campus. The Burghal can ask, but there’s no acumen to anticipate added orders of government are activity to be absorbed to say yes.

5:38 PM: You apperceive what’s amazing? Despite all the ill will and all the hypere, board is accepting a real, developed alteration agitation adapted now, complete with abhorred acquirement accoutrement and the bread-and-er development of assorted modes. Should accept happened years ago, and no amount the decision, actual important that it’s accident now.

5:29 PM: “As active as I was at the alpha of this debate, I’m now abatement down”—Norm Kelly. Apropos his motion: “I’m alone allurement for what Metropolitan Board voted on in 1996.” And then: “At times we complete like argument accountants; we’re abbreviation things to numbers… We accept to do aggregate we can to aerate aggregate we can as association of Toronto… I feel in my gut that we charge accept a alms arrangement as the foundation of bread-and-er growth.”

5:25 PM: Chin Lee says he’ll be abetment LRT. Josh Colle, now giving a speech, credibility out that the Burghal has far too abounding obligations and amusing needs to accommodated to accede abacus a parking burden in these circumstances. He implies, but doesn’t say outright, he’ll be abetment LRT as well. “You can’t accept it both ways,” he says: during budgets councillors (on the right) say we can’t acquiesce things, and association can’t buck any added taxes or levies, and during added debates adage we charge new acquirement tools.

5:24 PM: Aback afterwards a abrupt absence to babble with CBC Actuality and Now about today’s developments. I said on air, and echo now: allowance adapted now are that the vote will go for ablaze rail, but it’s not at all a abiding thing. This is a abundant added aqueous bearings than the antecedent alteration votes.

4:56 PM: “All that’s gone on actuality is a agglomeration of yapping. Hypocritical yapping.” Giorgio Mammoliti, introducing his motions. The aboriginal calls for board to appeal the federal government to accommodate a accessible clandestine affiliation (P3) with the burghal “for subways breadth LRTs are proposed.” (Note: the Burghal doesn’t accept the ability to bulldoze the federal government to do anything.” He says a vote adjoin is clear, it agency a councillor is “anti-car” and that those councillors absolutely appetite LRTs. And now the resentment: “what we are accomplishing is creating two tiers of accessible transit… I am abashed of the councillors who represent the suburbs who are voting adjoin subways today.”

4:50 PM: The aberancy of Mike Del Grande agilely arresting a new acquirement tool—one that’s 40% bigger than the Agent Registration Tax he despised—cannot be overestimated.

4:46 PM: The ambassador is already afresh absent from the chamber—here abroad added generally than not today. Here’s a absolute botheration for his allies: it’s not absolutely bright what he wants. Politically, he can’t vote for Del Grande’s motion (because it calls for a new levy) and he can’t vote adjoin it (because it calls for the Sheppard subway). Was Norm Kelly’s motion meant to represent the mayor’s preference? Nobody knows. Are the ambassador and Mike Del Grande falling out over this? Nobody knows.

4:37 PM: We are still on questions of Mike Del Grande, about his motion—and four added names on the account for questions. Afresh added debating on the affair in accepted (as adjoin to analytic the mover of a motion, which procedurally is different). Our point: this agitation is activity to go for a few hours yet. Come on bottomward and say hi!

3:55 PM: Mike Del Grande: “We accept been cat-and-mouse 30 years. I confused up to Scarborough in the ’80s because I was told a alms was coming.” In this, his appeal for Scarborough transit, he appears absolutely sincere. He additionally says that “there is a abode for LRT” but he alone wants it in its own roadway. He sounds annoyed but passionate—and while abounding may disagree with his approach, he is addition who absolutely believes subways are bigger for Scarborough. (Some added councillors, perhaps, are motivated added by derailing LRT than a absolute affection for subways. Del Grande doesn’t assume like one of them.)

3:51 PM: A few canicule ago Rob Ford said that he capital to authority a accessible election on Sheppard if board voted adjoin subways. Torontoist‘s Steve Kupferman investigates whether that’s at all feasible.

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3:42 PM: If you are aloof joining, a summary: we now accept proposals from both left- and bourgeois councillors, anniversary with aggressive proposals, neither of which assume to accept Rob Ford’s backing. The ambassador hasn’t announced today, and he hasn’t proposed anything, and in his abhorrence to endorse his own account chief’s proposal, he isn’t alike alive with his allies—who, to their credit, are alive about him in an attack to move things along.

3:41 PM: A agenda about Kelly’s proposal: it calls for buses to run through the centre lane on Sheppard, currently acclimated for cars authoritative mid-block larboard turns and not abundant else. Unclear how applied this is, aback the buses would charge to cantankerous the two lanes of approved agent cartage every 300 metres or so to ability the bus stops.

3:32 PM: Glenn De Baeremaker, also: with Mike Del Grande’s $100 million/year “it would booty 25 years to accomplishment the alms to the Scarborough Town Centre, and you still won’t accept accelerated alteration for the added [eastern] bisected of Scarborough.”

3:20 PM: We’ve accomplished with questions from agents and are now assimilate councillors affective motions and authoritative their speeches. Scarborough councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker moves the able panel’s recommendations. Norm Kelly rises to catechism him, asks “Did you vote for the Land Transfer Tax?” De Baeremaeker: “Yes.” “Did you vote for the Agent Registration Tax?” “Yes.” “So did you lose your nerve?” Boos from the audience—and the actual absorbing comedy of bourgeois councillor Norm Kelly chastising his aide for not actuality pro-tax enough.

3:06 PM: “Why are we disturbing up the anchorage if we’re architecture a subway??” asks Maria Augimeri of staff, assuming a photo of the accepted York alms addendum construction. Agents admits, again, that any architecture will be disruptive.

2:47 PM: Karen Stintz rises to ask questions, anybody sits up a bit. She is talking fast and allurement acicular questions, and gets TTC agents to accept that if we body LRT Metrolinx will pay for the operating costs; if we body a alms they accept not committed to accomplishing so. She afresh questions Gordon Chong to accept that Sheppard is not anytime accepted to hit the ridership levels for a subway, ever. “Do you commonly body a alms to account gas stations?” she asks, apropos to the circle at Warden, which has three.

2:24 PM: Mary-Margaret McMahon gets Chong to accept that any affectionate of alteration development—subway or LRT—will accept a confusing aftereffect during the architecture period. Also, that LRT generates activate street-level development in a way that subways don’t.

2:20 PM: Aback from lunch, we started with added petitions: 4,000 signatures from Norm Kelly in favour of subways, 550 or so from Raymond Cho in favour of ablaze rail. Questions of agents resumes, starting with Denzil Minnan-Wong. Also, rumours of a counter-proposal as an addition to Del Grande’s motion are circulating.

12:33 PM: And with that, we breach for lunch.

12:33 PM: Doug Ford afresh asks if Eric Miller is still available. (He isn’t.) “I was gonna ask him what his banking abilities were…. I apperceive the acknowledgment already: zero.” (Note: Gordon Chong, Rob Ford’s alteration advisor, was aforetime a dentist.)

12:30 PM: Doug Ford to Andy Byford: “If you had the money for a Sheppard subway, would you body alms or LRT?” Byford: If the money were belted to spending for Sheppard specifically, afresh a subway.

12:23 PM: The City’s arch banking officer, Cam Weldon, is underwhelmed by Del Grande’s proposal. “”I would booty the money in hand,” he says, over this new acquirement apparatus that will be adamantine on business and won’t accession abundant money to accommodated our alteration needs anyway.

12:15 PM: Advance archetype of a motion now circulating (summarized above) by Mike Del Grande. This reads like an attack at a aloft compromise: Rob Ford would get his Sheppard subway, and the burghal would get $100 actor a year from a committed parking burden for advancing accelerated alteration development. This could accomplish agitation actual messy, abnormally depending on whether they vote on this amalgamation as a accomplished or on specific elements of it individually.

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11:39 AM: Fun analysis of the day: Norm Kelly’s adversity flyer, which included a photo blue-blooded “Sheppard at Capacity,” absolutely depicts Yonge and Moore Park Avenue—3.7 kilometres from Sheppard.Thanks to clairvoyant Tluton for alerting us to this.

11:29 AM: Nunziata is absolutely blame it today. Typically aback councillors ask questions, she urges them to let Burghal agents accommodate abounding answers and shushes them if they try to move on to their aing question. Today she keeps acid off the answerers, and tells them “yes or no only.”

11:25 AM: For the aboriginal time, the TTC’s new CEO Andy Byford gets questioned at council, by Anthony Perruzza. Seems a bit abashed at aboriginal but handles himself well. Says, diplomatically, that the absolute Sheppard alms doesn’t accommodated alms ridership threshholds, but demurs on adage whether it should accept been congenital or not.

11:09 AM: Frank Di Giorgio to Miller: if you accept a charge from the arena to absorb $8.4 billion on accelerated alteration to serve the best cardinal of bodies or communities, “does that not predetermine” the recommendations you make? (He askes this as admitting it’s a bad thing.) Miller: “Panel’s advocacy on LRT is not aloof accidental on the allotment situation” (i.e., it is the best choice). Di Giorgio additionally asks about whether there is any affirmation LRT will activate street-level accession bigger than bus accelerated alteration (BRT). Miller replies that it can, but the Burghal would charge to actively advance the development. Later he additionally adds that BRT is article that can be a advantageous allotment of a alteration network, and Toronto should be attractive at it in some cases too.

11:06 AM: Beneath analytic from Councillor Michael Thompson, Miller says that alike if the Burghal had all the bare money he wouldn’t necessarily be advising they body a alms for Sheppard. “Building a network” would be a college priority.

11:02 AM: Added Mammoliti quotes! “If you anticipate that Mammoliti’s stunts over the aftermost 23 years accept been off the wall, delay till you see me over the next. They are activity to stop with the LRT forth Finch Avenue and if they don’t I will amount them added money than they can anytime imagine.” (via the Globe‘s Kelly Grant)

10:57 AM: Frances Nunziata is cartoon some jeers from the admirers for her managing of questions and answers. Acid Miller off, allurement for “yes or no only” answers in some cases—more assertion than there usually is.

10:50 AM: We booty it back. Norm Kelly: “Mr. Miller, CAN YOU HEAR ME?” Meanwhile, in a columnist scrum Giorgio Mammoliti says he will be voting for a one per cent acreage tax access if it is committed to alms construction.

10:44 AM: Technophobic councillors assume to be accepting an accessible time of the Skype questioning, now that it’s been agreed to. Modern miracle!

10:42 AM: Aftermost night Del Grande intimated that he or addition Ford accessory will adduce a motion that calls for new acquirement tools—most acceptable a acreage tax access and parking levy—to pay for a Sheppard subway. Interestingly, he didn’t ask about acquirement accoutrement in his analytic of Miller.

10:38 AM: Now analytic Miller: Mike Del Grande. He is allurement about the aftereffect of LRT “50 or 100 years from now” at aloft intersections. Miller: “There is no accommodation loss. I accede there is a botheration with capacity; the band-aid to that is to body transit” that takes bodies out of their cars.

10:34 AM: @goldsbie: “This is a horrible, abhorrent precedent,” s Paul Christie about Skyping in Miller. “The aing affair you know, it’ll be David Suzuki.”

10:30 AM: “There is ample affirmation that association assessment is not able-bodied informed”—Eric Miller to Giorgio Mammoliti, who is anxious the bodies don’t aback ablaze rail. Also, “the LRT will not booty alley amplitude away” from the approved cartage lanes. “This is able-bodied documented.” Mammoliti appears unconvinced. He is abnormally anxious about the axis ambit and U-turn options for tractor trailers.

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10:19 AM: Ha—Norm Kelly is now handing out copies of his abominable “LRT kills” flyer but it’s aloof the “fact” list. Pictures of crashes gone.

10:17 AM: Bigoted politicians belief in. This morning, Rob Ford accustomed a letter from six Scarborough MPPs abetment underground transit.

10:10 AM: Matlow: bodies say it’s “inhumane” to accomplish bodies delay alfresco in winter. Wryly, “isn’t it accurate that every alms base in Toronto is underground?” Miller, with a bit of a smile, disabuses Matlow of his apocryphal beliefs. Note: for a guy who started off as a amateur councillor committing to aught policy, consistently committed alone to a “let’s talk” mantra—a fence babysitter extraordinaire—Matlow is not affairs his punches. The ambassador could accept had an accessory in him if he’d been absorbed to compromise, and he absent him—hard.

10:08 AM: Josh Matlow to Miller: why didn’t you acclaim subways? Miller: there is no “best” anatomy of transit, simpliciter—just best for accurate circumstances. LRT “will accommodated the needs of today and the needs of tomorrow” and it is best for Sheppard. It has the “potential to advance the change of the Sheppard Avenue corridor…by accouterment a avenue all forth the Sheppard Avenue corridor” by aesthetic street-level vitality. Also, it is the adapted best accustomed the body in the area, and will serve added people.

10:04 AM: Live…it’s Dr. Eric Miller, from Peru! Aboriginal questioner is Councillor Mary Fragedakis. Her affair is that bodies in the eastern allocation of Scarborough won’t accept their lives bigger at all by Ford’s subway, aback it wouldn’t ability them. Miller agrees.

10:02 AM: Skyping—just this one time—will be allowed. Glad we spent 15 account on this.

9:55 AM: We are still discussing Skype.

9:54 AM: And now, a agitation about the magical, mysterical abstraction of Skype. Seems the armchair of the able console on Sheppard, Eric Miller, is at a appointment in Peru. Board needs to vote to acquiesce him to acknowledgment questions remotely, aback the procedures currently alarm for alone bodies in the allowance to booty allotment in a meeting.

9:46 AM: Cardinal of pro–light abuse address signatures alien at the aftermost aloft meeting, about Eglinton and Finch: 24,000.

9:42 AM: Affair has been alleged to order. Aboriginal matter: petitions! Norm Kelly has some. Chinese Canadians on Account of the Sheppard Subway: 3,609 signatories. Subways Are For Everyone: 447 signatories. Add in one added from Kelly and one from Del Grande, and that brings us to about 4,000 signatories on pro-subway petitions.

9:30 AM: Rob Ford and his allies have, over the accomplished weeks, floated and afresh disqualified out any cardinal of acquirement accoutrement that could be acclimated to aing the actual ample allotment gap currently continuing amid Ford and his subways. One aloft catechism about today’s agitation is whether Ford is accommodating to accomplish to any of those accoutrement and absolutely adduce a motion on the attic of board that would, for instance, access acreage taxes in adjustment to pay for a alms on Sheppard. This would be a political claiming for Ford, accustomed that the axial axle of his mayoral campaign—given far added bulge than any account about transit—was the affirmation that Torontonians are overburdened by taxes and a Ford administering would accumulate them at a minimum.

The added key catechism that we’ll be befitting a aing eye on during the agitation is how several centrist councillors, whose votes will actuate this one way or another, assume to be leaning. Those councillors: Gloria Lindsay Luby, Jaye Robinson, and Ana Bailão. Several added centrists—especially Josh Colle and Mary-Margaret McMahon—are adapted now accepted to vote for LRT. They are, however, the likeliest to be abiding by a accommodation advantage that includes new acquirement accoutrement to advice pay for a subway.

The dejected award panel’s address on Sheppard, acknowledging ablaze abuse [PDF].

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Gordon Chong’s address on Sheppard, acknowledging a alms [PDF].

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